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10 March 2020

Eleven new cases of people infected with coronavirus have been confirmed in Romania, bringing the total number of infections to 28 since the outbreak began. So far there have been no fatalities.

Of the 28 infected persons so far, five have been declared “cured” and discharged from hospital, according to a statement by Romania’s ministry of health. A further 107 people are reported to be in quarantine while 11,505 people are being home monitored.

In a hope to contain the virus from spreading, the Romanian government declared on Monday that all pre-university education facilities would be closed from 11 to 22 March. Public events with more than 1,000 people will also be banned and smaller events may need approval.

Authorities have also imposed a ban on flights, buses and trains to and from Italy, where Romania has a large diaspora and where most cases of infection in Romania are thought to have been transmitted.

Meanwhile, a popular independent theatre in Bucharest, Unteatru, will “continue to play, without endangering spectators” by live-streaming its performances online rather than suspending them.

BBC live blog, which this contribution was a part of, can be found here.