18 July, 2020

A hospital manager in Timisoara in western Romania has warned of a pending “tsunami” of infections as the country sees three record highs in a row.

Over the past three days Romania has confirmed 777, 799, and 889 new Covid-19 cases respectively – almost double that of pre-lockdown highs.

The situation may have been exacerbated by a controversial ruling by Romania’s Constitutional Court last month that authorities do not have the power to impose quarantine, hospitalisation, or isolation measures on individuals. That prompted some 900 people infected with Covid-19 to discharge themselves from hospital.

President Klaus Iohannis today signed an amended quarantine law that says infected people can be medically monitored for 48 hours maximum, after which a doctor will determine whether a patient can be discharged.

A strict lockdown in March helped prevent a dramatic spread of the virus. But as restrictions have been eased infections are rising rapidly.

Head of Emergency Situations,Raed Arafat has said some hospitals in the capital Bucharest have run out of intensive care beds. Almost 2,000 people have now died from coronavirus in Romania.